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Cake Marker

Cake Marker

$ 7.50

Ensure perfectly-even borders on your intricately-decorated cakes with this Wilton cake marker! This cake marker lets you easily mark horizontal lines around the sides of your cake for stripes, borders, and accents. The ruler allows for marking from 1" from work surface to 6" from work surface. Use it to inconspicuously get even lines, every time.

This cake marker is perfect for bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and caterers, alike. Use it to section sides of your cake for placing garlands, drop strings, and flowers. With this cake marker, you can mark up to 3 points at a time! For best results, place your frosted cake on a rotating cake stand, position the marker, and turn the stand, effectively moving the cake in the process. Perfectly-even lines will be drawn on the cake as it rotates, so you'll know just where to place the next decoration.

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