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Wheaton - the new storefront

We've moved!  Just down the block.  Only 11 store fronts south -- about 300 feet.  

As you drive down Triangle lane, look to your right.  You'll pass our new location before you even get to the old store.  We're have a burgundy and tan awning with white writing.  If you've reached Filipos or the Wheaton Dance Studio you've gone too far!  

Parking can be a bit tricker here, but we've retained our parking spaces in front of the old store until it is leased. We have one parking space in front of the store, four parking spaces in front of the old store.  We also have 1 parking spots in the lot, but the county has to change the signs and give us permits to use them.  We'll send an update with those are ready.  We are working with two more stores to use their parking spaces during our busy times during the holiday season. 

Why did we move?

Our old location has a lot of Little Bitts history- over 43 years of supplies, classes and advice.  Leaving was not an easy choice, but necessary.  In late 2016 the building was sold.  After the same landlord for 42 year, Little Bitts now had a new development group calling the shots.  They asked us to downsize last year, so we became... cozier, and this year they refused to give us a lease.  Wheaton is undergoing a lot of changes right now with a new 12 story being built right across the street, and it seems like they did not want to commit to a rental agreement. The old little bitts need a number of upgrades, many of which i was ready to make, but not without a lease. 

I know that the history of Little Bitts is important to many, and staying in its original location was important to me, too. This was not a decision I took lightly, but it was necessary to move to a new location as we continue to forge ahead. 

We love this new space.  While it's not quite as wide it is a bit longer, so we did not lose any square footage.  It's cleaner, brighter and it has consistent air conditioning! I can't wait for you to see it!

But it's not bigger!

I wish there was a space in Wheaton that matched the original size of Little Bitts, unfortunately there isn't one available. This one is   We have the first right of refusal for the storefront upstairs, when it becomes available.  We plan to expand with a larger classroom, and more inventory. 

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