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How do you use candy molds? Not just for chocolate, right?

I love all things sweet and candy, but making chocolates is not my strength.  Over the last two months, I've had a crash course in candies and candy molds.  Turkeys have been popular the last two weeks.  I've sold flat turkey molds, 3D turkeys,  sucker turkey molds, hard candy turkeys....  so much turkey!

Most people are buying a mold and some chocolate, but some people have other ideas for the turkeys.  I thought I'd share a few ideas that I've learned over the last week. These are some fun ways to use candy molds and easy activities for the start of the indoor months!

Chocolate Turkey.  The obvious choice.  A quick and easy way to impress your family this Thanksgiving.  Using easily meltable chocolate from Little Bitts, you fill the molds with your favorite color.  You can add a few drops of flavor oil-- maybe peppermint, to make the turkeys a bit more festive. 

Hard Candy Turkey.  The second obvious choice.  First make sure that your candy mold is suitable for the heat of hard candy.  You can purchase a hard candy mix.. from Little Bitts :) or make your own from simple grocery store ingredients. We'll put up a more detailed tutorial on the blog soon, but a quick overview--  Mix sugar (2 cups), Water (1 cup), and Corn Syrup (1/2 cup) over medium heat until it reaches 300 degrees.  Take the mixture off the heat and mix flavoring (1 tsp) and food coloring for two minutes.  Pour into the mold, cool and enjoy!

Butter Turkey. Dress up the Thanksgiving day table with a professional looking butter pad.  Leave the butter out until soften.  Spoon the butter into the mold and pop into the freezer for half and hour.  Run the butter under hot water for a minute and the butter should pop right out!  Dazzle your family. 

Gelatin Turkey. Homemade Jello is so delicious and I promise we'll write a post on how to make it soon, but until them, we'll stick the the good ol' box stuff for this post.  Follow the directions on the box and put a little in each mold.  Stick in the fridge and pop out the jello-fun!  It makes for a great accent to the dessert table platter or fruit bowl!  yummy, easy and cute. 

Fondant Turkey. Fondant can be intimidating.  Hand molding fondant can be a challenge, but using a mold as a start makes the process much easier.  Be sure to coat the mold with powdered sugar or corn starch to keep it from sticking.  

Ice Cream Turkey. We'll end with another sweet idea.  Soften some ice cream just a bit and spoon it into the candy mold.  Just like the butter, press it all the way down and stick it in the freezer.   Quickly run it under warm water to release from the mold.  You can stick them in a plastic container and back into the freezer until they are ready to eat!

Have you used candy molds in a new way?  Leave a comment below or share on our Facebook page!

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