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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's day is just around the corner, and if you are looking for some great gifts, we've got them! Here are our top 10.  Come in and shop or order online for same day pick up.  

1. Mother's Day Cupcake Class: On the Saturday before Mother's Day (Saturday, May 7) join us at 1pm for a cupcake class.  We'll make lovely cupcakes that you can give to mom, or better yet, come with mom and share the experience

2. PME Supertubes.  Any cookie making momma knows that these are simply the best.  Their seamless stainless steel design makes for the perfect royal icing application. 

3. Fat Daddio Pans.  The only pans she'll ever need.  The anodized aluminum pans mean they reach baking temperature faster and cool more quickly for the perfect pastry.  The pan for any professional or aspiring professional.  

4. Yoga Cookie Cutters:  Is your mom Yogi or a wanna be Yogi, who would really rather be baking?  These large cutter make great cookies, but can also cut sandwiches, cakes, and are perfect for crafting. 


5. Merkens Chocolate.  Stock mom up with a supply of her favorite dipping chocolate.  It tastes great on strawberries, chocolate covered rice krispies, molded chocolate and cake pops.  Better yet, you can do the dipping for her and surprise her with some sweets.  

6. Ateco pastry bags.  Upgrade mom from the regular old plastic pastry bags, and get her some nice reusable pastry bags.  They are easy to grip and comfortable to use. 


7.  Sprinkles! Sanding sugars and jimmies are not just for kids anymore.  Help out moms supply of sugary decorations by loading up on fun sugars and sprinkles. 

8. Fondant Class.  Has your mom always wanted to make the perfect fondant covered cake? Purchase a class for her!  We are offering two fondant cake classes this month.

9. Bakery Emulsions.  Our Lorann bakery emulsions are absolutely our favorites. Because they are not alcohol based they don't bake out of your pastries, and they leave a strong flavor and aroma, that will be sure to please any mom.   

10. Let her choose with a Little Bitts Gift Certificate!  


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