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Introducing Kit!

Kit comes from a long line of good cooks and her mother was a pretty fair baker. She started baking seriously in her late teens and entered her first county fair in Monterey, California. One of her first baking ventures was white bread. She is the oldest of seven and she didn't expect her siblings, raised on Wonder Bread, to go for home-baked bread, but they did. Bread, along with a number of sewing projects, got entered in the fair. She's kept up with the fair entries as she's moved around - Kitsap County Fair in Washington, Orange County Fair in California and for the last seven years the Montgomery County Fair.
Her personal rule is that once an item has won a blue ribbon, she retires it from competition so there are new challenges every year. For the 2015 Fair, she was able to enter ten items and won 4 blue ribbons and 4 red ribbons. However, the reason she was able to do so much is that she's currently between jobs. She says it's great for baking but not so great for the practice runs as she's had a hard time figuring out how to give them away.

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